Three big rules I know by heart,
Each day this is how we start!
Think of others, that Respect,
I’m Responsible for myself.
Trinity Downtown is my school,
Working Hard is our third rule.




This little verse is a fundamental song students sing (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) during our Morning Assembly. In my previous post I introduced you to our three big rules, and by now you, too, know the song! This is my second post as I address each of these three foundations of our school community. Trinity Downtown is grounded in a growing climate of Respect, Responsibility, and Hard Work.

What is Responsibility?

At Trinity every student is encouraged to be responsible about personal actions at school. Again, examples abound this week, and there is a rationale behind each of these:
• introducing your grandparent to your teacher, because they had never met and you know both of these adults, you are responsible for the introduction
• finishing your homework without being told by your parent, after all whose homework is it but your own?
• when you don’t finish your homework, being honest with your teacher about why you failed yourself by not reinforcing what you already know from practicing on the assignment
• carrying you own backpack out of the car in the morning, it is your backpack
• picking up a piece of trash blowing down the hallway, even the paper isn’t yours the cleanliness of the campus is all of our responsibilities
• when you cause harm to someone because you misbehaved and broke the rules (recall there really are just three big rules), you are responsible to figure out how you are going to fix the problem you caused, it is your class that has been affected
Learning to be responsible for yourself can sometime be a great challenge to overcome, and I have witnessed over and over again how teachers patiently strive to instill this characteristic in every child. Responsibility at Trinity is truly a work in progress, every every classroom every day for every student.


Dr. Kevin Brockberg