Names like Phelps, Biles, Felix, and Morgan headline the media coverage of the Olympics, broadcasting the triumphs, travails, and all the training leading to the dreams of Olympic gold and glory. They are the America’s sporting delegates to the world this month.  They are our heroes and all-stars.  Those athletes play leading roles in their Olympic teams as well as the larger, broader, and prouder American Team!

At Trinity Lutheran School, we have an All-Star Team too! K-8 Faculty meetings and preparation for our own “Opening Ceremony” started the same day that Rio welcomed the world to the 2016 Olympic Games. Trinity’s newly assembled team of K-8 teachers parallels the development of USA team, skilled with returning superstars and stellar newcomers all headlining our new 2016-17 academic year.  We are ready to take on the school year, with all the focus, passion, and joy of our Olympians. Our collective quest is not, however, for Olympic glory, rather God’s Glory and faith, “of greater worth than gold” (1 Peter 1.7).

You will have an opportunity to meet Trinity’s K-8 “Olympians” at and after the 11:00 am Worship Service this Sunday, August 14. Backpacks will be blessed and teachers will be dedicated during Church, and following the service,the K-8 Open House begins in Heritage Hall (the new name for the school building) when students can unload all those school supplies, and families can greet teachers in classrooms. The Open House also includes a Marketplace in the Gym, where families can turn in forms, meet the School Board, and ask questions about Food Services, Extended Care, and Athletics.


Teacher Grade Specialty Email
Ms. Brooke McKinnon Kindergarten  Early Learning
Ms. Peg Green 1st Grade  Early Learning
Ms. Lisa Crawford 5th and 6th Language Arts
Ms. Susan Brockberg 7th and 8th Math and Science
Ms. April Donati K-8 Extended Care Director
Mr. TJ Howard K-8 Music
Ms. Becky Lehenbauer Kindergarten KG Teacher’s Aid / Extended Care (AM)
Mrs. Julia Malenke K-8 PreSchool Music, MS Religion, Church Choir
Ana DeForge K-8 Spanish
Kathleen Tesch 3rd & 4th Grade  Elem. Education
Crystal Jones 2nd Grade  Elem. Education
Louis McCrary K-8 Physical Education